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Optimum Health Functional Medicine & ​Aesthetics is a fully comprehensive medical ​practice. Our goal is to provide the best ​personal wellness and beauty experience by ​utilizing the power of advanced medical ​technology and training.

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Why is telehealth ​right for you?

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Remote care with your ​specific needs and care ​in mind


We can help you and ​your health wherever ​you live in Utah, ​Idaho, or Arizona


Let us fit into your ​busy schedule

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Optimum Health serves Utah, Arizona and Idaho, ​and we specialize in providing expert functional ​medical services and advanced aesthetic treatments ​to all surrounding communities.

  • High-quality functional medical and aesthetic ​services combined with the use of advanced ​technology

  • Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and ​Aesthetics Certified

  • Specified treatment plans that focus on women's ​and men's unique health and wellness needs

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Telehealth Serving Utah,

Idaho, and Arizona

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Optimum Health Functional Medicine & Aesthetics is a fully ​comprehensive medical spa with service in Utah, Arizona and ​Idaho. Our goal is to provide the best personal wellness and ​beauty experience by utilizing the power of advanced medical ​technology and training.


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